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Power Funnels is a battle tested and proven digital marketing agency that powers your success no matter how competitive your industry or vertical is — one strategy, and award at a time. Power Funnels specializes in Website Development and SEO, but also offers solutions for all primary services such as Paid Social, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing etc.

As the agency and services of Power Funnels have grown over the years, we decided to conduct a major branding overhaul and website redesign to reflect our growth, our maturity as an agency, and the type of clients that we were doing business with. 



The transformation between the older Power Funnels branding and website – and the new one was very, very substantial! We removed the light blue from our colour scheme completely, and replaced it with a red. We replaced the white with a black which really made the new Power Funnels brand look mature and professional. As you view the new website, you will see that we added an immense amount of credibility by adding our agency wins, our results, case studies, and our reviews. We added so much credibility that there is no way that you will leave the Power Funnels website unsure or unaware of what we do, who we help and how much we’ve done it! 

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Sales Time Reduced by 35%

Adding the results and review pages to the new Power Funnels website was a game changer in regards to the amount of time it reduced sales time. Whenever a lead inquired with us, we would just send them links to those pages and most of the time, the lead was either booking a call with my team and or hiring us in the next email.





Increased traffic by 1.5%.


Decreased marketing costs by 25%.


Increased sales by 22%.


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