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MyTerra Labs offers premium, lab tested sterilized substrates and grains that are utilized by the mushroom industry and cultivators to grow the highest quality functional, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Our substrates are hydrated to field capacity and sterilized to ensure a contamination-free product with an extended shelf-life. We have designed our substrates for all cultivators, shifting the focus of mushroom cultivation from preparation to production and yield.

MyTerra Labs hired Power Funnels to redesign their website, as they were experiencing high bounce rates and very low conversion rates.



When redesigning MyTerra Labs website, we focused on selecting a much better theme in regards to performance. With a good performing theme from a technology standpoint, comes easier customization and ways to adjust the design to make it exactly how you want it. Since the client was a startup and they had very minimal products starting out, we had to get creative with what pages that we added to the website, and how we presented the information. The end result turned out great however, and as you view the website you will see how clean, professional and easy it is to use. 

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MyTerra Lab's Store Conversion Rate Went up 1.8%

3 months upon launching the new MyTerra Labs website, the overall conversion rate has increased by 1.8%! This is primarily due to making mobile effective for purchasing as on the original website it was virtually impossible to purchase on mobile, and to making the checkout process much more simplified.





Increased traffic by 20%.


Decreased marketing costs by 20%.


Increased sales by 25%.


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