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the soul society

The Soul Society is a Web3 action sports brand built for the Metaverse. Your unique NFT doubles as your membership into an elite action sports community that is changing action sports forever. Your membership gives you access to exclusive events (both IRL and Virtual), a world-class athlete network, gear, and exclusive content within our ecosystem.

The groups at the Soul Society at Power Funnels partnered up to build this client a website from scratch!



The results of the website build was absolutely substantial! The project lasted for months, but we were able to pull off a very unique looking design and overall product! Key things that made this website a success was not only the assets that we had created, but also the simple colour scheme of black and white. Keeping the colour scheme simple, made the concept and mission stand out so much more. Ensuring that this website loaded quick and was very easy to use on mobile was absolutely paramount. Because of this, we had to dedicate a lot more time to ensure that the assets remained high quality, but also the performance of the website stayed intact. Add in the simple on-website sales funnel, and we have another winner when it comes to our website builds!

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Increased Repeat Traffic by 152%

By building a professional and educational website for the client's customers to visit, we saw on Google Analytics that repeat traffic kept increasing month-over-month. Time on site increased, the bounce rate lowered, and the client received recurring form fills.





Maintained a 47% bounce rate 90 days upon launching.


Decreased required sales time by 35%.


Increased sales by 215%.   


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