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Sopel Studio

Lyle Sopel is considered to be one of the preeminent living, jade and gem – nature inspired sculptor’s. An innovator of a contemporary gem design genre. Sopel’s work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Committed to inspiring young and novice artists, Sopel is a champion of the arts providing mentoring programs and works in progress studio episodes via social media.

Sopel Studio hired Power Funnels to redesign their website into a much more more visually appealing version compared to their original website. The client requested for more of a sales funnel website, which meant for short pages with links to info and lead generation pages, but with a clean design.



The transformation between the original website of Sopel Studio’s versus the new website was very immense! The new website loads instantly, no matter what page you view. It’s easy to use, and you can find information extremely easily on the website. The design of the new website is eye-catching, and it’s even better on mobile! Even though this website was built in 2018, is still looks good and performs well from a conversion rate stand point.

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Sales Increased As Well As Returning Online Visitors

The client notified Power Funnels that their sales had increased compared to the year previous, and the majority of the sales came from the new website. We also identified on Google Analytics that the client's returning online visitors increased substantially, and contributed to multiple online sales!

Luxury Art




Increased traffic by 45%.


Decreased marketing costs by 15%.


Increased sales by 56%.


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