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opal unicorn

Opal Unicorn has had her artwork showcased in art galleries across the globe, from Australia to Los Angeles, California bringing people on her journey, into her world. She has a unique way of bringing us into her vision, drawing us in with the unique eyes of her characters who seem to tell us their story in a moment. Each piece she character she brings to life has a story and a past.

Opal Unicorn hired Power Funnels to redesign their website with the goal of allowing customers to easily purchase their artwork online.



The transformation from Opal Unicorn’s original website to their website was very substantial! The new website loads instantly, is clean yet very artistic, and allows Opal Unicorn’s customers to purchase the artwork online. The sections are so much more clean, and all have purpose behind them. The customer journey is so seamless, especially when purchasing products. The experience is even better on mobile, and the sales back this up!

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A Healthy Bounce Rate 90 Days After Launching!

Because of the structure and design of the website, plus the optimal lengths of content and the perfect CTA's and offers, the bounce rate hit the ground running at an average of only 47% - even after 90 days upon launching.

Art Studio




The bounce rate was only 47% 90 days upon launching.


Decreased required sales time by 35%.


Increased sales by 15%. 


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