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PF Mortgage Broker Website

After seeing the results which we generated for our mortgage broker clients, Power Funnels decided to create a dedicated website towards generating additional clients in the mortgage broker space. When creating the website, we designed it for the mind of a mortgage broker. They’re busy, they have to consume a lot of information every day, and they to make key decisions every day. Taking this into consideration, we made the website simple to navigate, and included engaging copy and CTA’s with strategic buttons to begin the process.



The design of the website turned out great! Simple, yet modern. Enough content, but not overwhelming. When constructing the sections, we had to be very careful with what type of content that we were showcasing and how we showcased it. Even though this website was created in 2019, it still generates Power Funnels leads every month. The component that made this website a successful overall was the on-page funnel that we created, with purposeful trip wires and built-in psychology boosters.

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Increased Overall Leads by 50%

Sending our Mortgage Broker leads to this dedicated website increased our overall lead flow by 50% - compared to when we were sending traffic to our primary Power Funnels website which the leads were much lower. Add in the healthy bounce rates and time on site, and we have a winning website!

Mortgage Broker




Increased leads overall by 50%.


Increased sales through this business venture by 105%.


Decreased the bounce rate over time to 43%.


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