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international stock loans

International Stock Loans specializes in loans against securities for large and small cap stocks. We have close personal relationships with the largest and most financially secure lenders in the world. We lend in exchanges all over the world such as: Hong Kong, Europe, Singapore, London, Tokyo, South America, Canada and more!

ISL hired Power Funnels in 2019 to build their website for their business. The client had that point had no website or digital presence, so this was considered a digital business jumpstart!



The transformation of the website was great! The Power Funnels team worked closely with the International Stock Loans team as we designed each page to match their design examples, and crafted the content to be professional – but straight to the point. Our CRO team created an on-page lead generation strategy which entailed setting up specific call-to-actions and offers throughout the website, in strategic sections and placements. Making the offers readily available and easy to find plus the advertising campaigns which we were running – all of this resulted in the client receiving consistent form fills and phone calls and many of them!

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A Healthy Bounce Rate 90 Days After Launching!

Because of the structure and design of the website, plus the optimal lengths of content and the perfect CTA's and offers, the bounce rate hit the ground running at an average of only 47% - even after 90 days upon launching.

Stock Trading




47% website-wide 90 days upon launching the website.


Decreased required sales time by 35%.


Increased sales by 15%.  


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