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giro salon

Giro Salon is a top depilation specialist in Mexico and Russia, and has served more than 10,000 people. Giro Salon wants to represent to you a new method of hair removal technique with special organic sugar paste. It’s absolutely natural product to make your skin smooth with no irritation and no ingrown hairs. All these years I developed sugaring as a modern and unique hair removal technique that absolutely changed the industry. 

Giro Salon came to Power Funnels to build them a website that would compliment their social followings: 



The end result of the Giro Salon website build was fantastic! The team at Power Funnels worked hard and designed a clean and modern looking website, with a beautiful white, pink and light grey colour scheme. As you view the website, you will see how we included engaging headlines with offers, plus key information about the clients services. The client had great photography to utilize, so this made our job a lot easier when designing the structure of the website. Another key component that made this website an absolute winner was the booking engine that we identified and setup on the Giro Salon website. This was a game changer for the client, as they were previously receiving bookings via WhatsApp. Now, their clients book through the website, and all of the bookings go automatically to the client’s email and calendar.

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Increased Overall Bookings By 215%

By adding the booking engine to the Giro Salon website, this allowed their customers to easily book their services directly on the website with ease. This also allowed for repeat customers to hire Giro Salon again. The client has told us repeatedly how this was an absolute game change for their business!





47% website-wide 90 days upon launching the website.


Decreased required sales time by 215%.


Increased top line revenue by 105%.   


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