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Timely Medical

Whether you’re looking for private diagnostic medical services, or private surgery centres or hospitals, Timely Medical Alternatives can help you find what you need. They can often negotiate cost-savings of surgeries you seek, of up to 80%.

We partnered up with Timely Medical in 2019, and since then we have been dominating the search engines and advertising space! In 2020, Timely Medical hired Power Funnels to create a dedicated landing page to send traffic to via our PPC and SEO campaigns. 



Timely Medical who is in the hyper-competitive healthcare industry was paying above $100 per lead before coming to Power Funnels. After revamping the clients Adwords account and SEO efforts, we saw an immediate decrease in the CPL. However, we knew that by creating a dedicated landing page, that we could see much better and targeted results. Our assumptions were correct, as the CPL lowered from $100 / lead to $30 / lead with the addition of the landing page. 
Pre working with Power Funnels:
  • CPL = $81.20
  • Conversion Rate = 4.19%
  • Interaction Rate = 2.42%
 Working with Power Funnels:
  • CPL = $30.76 (down from $81.20)
  • Conversion Rate = 9.72% (increased by 2x from 4.19%)
  • Interaction Rate = 6.84% (increased by 3x from 2.42%)

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Decreased the Client's Cost-Per-Lead by $70!

The client had a high CLP ($100+) in a competitive field and additionally the CTR (3.67%) was very low. After revamping their Adwords account and website, the cost-per-lead immediately lowered and the profitability of the client increased. After seeing this, the client invested more into their advertising budget and we scaled their account.





Increased leads and business.


Decreased marketing costs by over 100%


Increased sales by 86%


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