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max yield bins

Max Yield Bins Inc. is a collective of like-minded individuals that stand for all things health, wellness and design. Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia solving a need for local commercial mushroom growers. We identified the lack of commercial grade equipment readily available in the mycology space and set out to build simple and effective products suited for both beginner and advanced growers.
Max Yield Bins hired Power Funnels to redesign their website earlier this year. The goals were: To conduct a design overhaul of the store which will ensure Max Yield Bins instantly stands out from potential competitors, and unlock business opportunities. To increase the conversion rate from 1.5% to 2.5% in 3 months – which will decrease advertising costs and will save marketing dollars across all departments. To add the “bells and whistles” (features, functionalities & custom design), that will make MYB look like a massive and very credible business.



The transformation between the original website and the new version was immense! The new website turned out modern yet dynamic, a selling machine yet an information library, and an overall pleasure to view. As you view the home page, you will see key points about the brand and product with beautiful branded photography. One of the main goals for this build was to increase the conversion rate, so we simplified the customer journey and CTA’s throughout the website. To establish our client even more as an authority, we created and added a resource library to their website which included all of the clients videos, blogs, and other unique content. We even added a forum, a rewards program, and the ability for users to create their own shopping profiles plus so much more. Check it out:

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The Conversion Rated Increased by 1.2%

By revamping the structure and design of Max Yield Bin's website, we were able to increase the conversion rate by 1.2%. Increasing the conversion rate decreased the clients cost-per-acquisition costs which resulted in less marketing spend required to increase their overall sales and probability.

"Health & Wellness"




Increased traffic by 1.2%.


Decreased marketing costs by 25%.


Increased sales by 22%.


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