YAK Grills

From $0 to $211,640 USD Sales in 24 days

Modern Portable Hibachi Grill

Gone are the days when grilling meant separating yourself from the action. From picnics to intimate dinners, we help the whole party get in on the grill out, so no one is left behind. Let’s Grill-Together™.

Project Name: Client Jumpstart

Client: YAK Grills®​ Inc.

Project Start Date: August 2020

Project URL: yakgrills.com

Client's Challenge

The client scheduled a meeting with Power Funnels, and explained to our team that they were preparing for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to launch their product.


The date that the client chose for their Indiegogo launch was 5 weeks and counting. (Typically planning and development for crowdfunding campaigns ranges from a minimum of 2-3 months, and a maximum of 4-8 months).  


During the meeting the client went over with Power Funnels what they had prepared. Unfortunately, many key components were not completed – yet.   


The client had very little prepared except for their product, vision, landing page and some funnel copy. Time was literally of the essence, and so we had to move quickly.

Our Strategies

Having worked on a variety of award-winning crowdfunding launches, Power Funnels understood the many moving pieces of launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Since this campaign was going to consist of only 5 weeks, all between the pre-development, development, and launch stages, we recommended the most effective strategies:


  1. VIP Pre-Launch Funnel
  2. Re-Targeting
  3. Prospecting New Segments

We began with quickly building the VIP pre-launch list. This list was crucial to the success of the Indiegogo launch because the customers in this list were considered very interested backers who were most certainly wanting to purchase the YAK Grill. 


Every prospect in the VIP backer list were requested to pay $1 to become a VIP member. By paying the $1, the VIP backers received extra perks, and also got the first chance to purchase the YAK Grill before the general public.


This strategy resulted in 3000+ VIP pre-launch members in less than 3 weeks! 

Our Next Round of Strategies

We proceeded with creating new prospecting campaigns via the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms to identify and discover different and additional customer avatars that may be interested in a product like YAK Grills.


We drilled down into targeting, and created different buyer segments which were interested in topics such as: Hibachi, portable grills, grilling, camping, grilling in the backyard, date nights, crowdfunding, Indiegogo etc.


After identifying the winning buyer segments, we began scaling them by building out multiple variations of the ads in regards to messaging, offers and design personality with the goal of making our ads as personalized and relevant as possible to these different segments.

We generated an overall ROAS (return on ad spend) of 7X. This meant that for every $1000 spent on advertising dollars, $7000 of sales were generated.

$183,000 USD was backed in 18 days, and a total of $211,640 was backed in 24 days. YAK Grills campaign goal was to get $15,000 backed, which means that we generated an extra $196,640 USD of sales for their campaign.

Our Top Metrics

Indiegogo Backed Sales: $211,640 Total USD Sales in 24 Days

Return-On-Ad-Spend: 7X

From $0 Sales to $412,178 Sales In 12 Months

How We Delivered These Numbers

Indiegogo Backed Sales: $211,640 Total USD Sales in 24 Days

VIP Pre-Launch Funnel, Re-Targeting, Prospecting New Segments

Return-On-Ad-Spend: 7X

Prospecting and Retargeting

From $0 Sales to $412,178 Sales In 12 Months

Paid Social / PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, Influencers

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