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Project Name: Lead Generation

Client:  Timely Medical

Project Start Date: February 18, 2021

Project URL: www.TimelyMedical.ca

Client's Challenge(s)

The client had a high CPA  ($100+) in a competitive field, additionally, CTR (3.67%) was very low. This contributed to a LOW-quality score which leads to the client paying more for leads than they should have.

Our Strategies

By focusing on specific exact and broad match KWs that are less competitive and by using specific ad copy, we were able to decrease CPA & simultaneously increase CTR. Improving our quality scores allowing us to pay less for clicks. Additionally, we did a complete account restructure that allowed us to bid more precisely on themed keyword groupings.

Our Top Metrics

CTR (from 3.67% to 7.60% a 107.1% increase)

CVR (from 2.58% to 6.38% a 147.3% increase)

CPA (from $101.34 to $44.44 a 128% decrease)

How we delivered these numbers

CTR – Created very specific keyword groupings and ad copy to match these groupings, as copy becomes more specific the user became more likely to click.

CVR – Did a negative keyword analysis to find and exclude low converting/high CPA keywords so that we focused only on extremely profitable keywords. No wasted ad-spend!

CPA – Optimized bids & experimented with bidding strategies to find which strategy optimized volume as well as lowered CPA.

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